The Fer de Terre, the ecological broadfork, caring for the natural environment and also the gardener

The Le Fer de Terre is an intelligent broadfork (Grelinette Type), enabling manual labour to be performed without turning and without particular exertion on the part of the gardener. Unlike ordinary forks, the Fer de Terre does not invariably turn over the soil, which is a long and arduous process and which is also harmful to the ecosystem, especially in spring.

With the "Fer de Terre" broadfork, you avoid wasting effort wielding a tool, by using a method that works the soil backwards.

While the main use of the Fer de Terre is for loosening the soil without turning it over (the work is done 10 times faster than by ordinary manual labour and is much less tiring), it can also be used in the following situations:

Digging up vegetables, especially potatoes

Channelling fertiliser to the roots of trees without damaging them (opening up numerous holes in which to introduce the fertiliser before re-closing the holes).

Planting leeks. Having stretched out your line, and created and watered your furrow, pierce the soil with the Fer de Terre to obtain 5 equally spaced holes. Then insert your plants and fill in with your feet.

Aerating the soil on lawns to allow in water and fertiliser.

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