The concept Grelinette

Best for the earth .... and for the gardener!

Do you know about the principle behind the Grelinette “Fer de Terre” broadfork? This is an ingenious tool, increasingly used by gardeners who are keen to preserve the quality of their soil, and to improve the output of their vegetable gardens in a natural way and to look after their backs.


Fourche à bêcher - 4 dents The action of the “Fer de Terre” broadfork is similar in all respects to that of the earthworm. Its main purpose is to aerate the soil gently, avoiding the brutal impact of digging over. Just by applying foot pressure, the teeth will enter any kind of soil. Its ergonomic construction means that a deep action can be applied to the soil, without brutal effort and thus without the risk of any false manoeuvres.


Created by the company Chaland Palmieri, a specialist in metal tubing, the Fer de terre tools are very highly resistant to torsion and corrosion. Entirely designed and manufactured in France, the “Fer de terre” tools are produced to provide satisfaction to many generations of gardeners!